09 April 2006

Closing in...

So here it is, the weekend before elections in Town.

Today's Telegraph has, on the front page, an article that talks about the potential loss of jobs, all because of the barking of a few dogs.

About 250 of the 15,000 or so registered voters showed up that night, cut the budget by 1.4M and walked away, pround of the fact that some of their friends and neighbors who work for the Town may lose their jobs. I hope they slept well that night. One of them even had the temerity to shout "the will of the town has spoken." What an asshole... apparently he is so short-sighted that he believes that 250 people are "the Town". This is a selectman. Nice choice this Town has made. Because of his flap-jaw, he was sued by a former town employee for unauthorized disclosure of private information. He can't keep his mouth shut, he needs a muzzle. He's an arrogant, ignorant excuse of a human being.

So, on top of that, there are a group of these tax-cutters who are all running for 4 posts on the budget committee. You have seen the signs, all big and yellow, designed to attact your attention.

Well, on the top of the list is an individual, whose extreme right-wing views, along with two others about 10 years ago, put our Town on the national news watch with their ultra-right wing conservatism. There's one that should be kept away from the budget.

Then there's the big red sign, usually located next to, if not touching that big yellow one, urging, almost demanding, that "we not succumb to scare tactics." Well, if cutting the budget by 1.4M isn't a scare tactic, then I am afraid I don't know what is. They tell you to vote YES to accept the budget, the one that was cut by 1.4M. If the vote is NO, then the default budget of last year, plus negotiated pay increases, is what we go with. Are you willing to let these few dictate to you what jobs get cut and what services get eliminated? A NO vote is the way to send two messages: first, that we will not be duped into believing that these few have more insight into the town budget than those professionals who run the town, and second, that we will not be intimidated by their arrogance.

This is the least we can do for the people who work for the Town.

I've been told that "a lot" of voters see through this tax-cutting scam, hat the proprietors of such fiscal bullshit are completly out in left field with respect to what it takes to run a town and so will not have to worry about that emasculated budget getting passed.

I am not so certain. I have seen, since the inception of SB2, more uninformed voters taking to the polls than ever, making uniformed decisions based on the the campaign signs along the side of the road and heresay.

And on the subject of signs along the side of the road... there is a state law that requires a fiscal agent's name be on every political sign posted. Those signs cannot be on public property, but for the most part, I see lots of those yellow and red signs without a fiscal agent.

These are the people that you want running the town, looking over the budgets, etc??

Not me.


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