28 June 2006

Ok, I was wrong, and I apologize...

Good things do, in fact, come to those who exhibit patience. That's something that's taken me all my life thus far to become comfortable with.

But it's still a stretch for me to have to wait for these small gifts, the gifts that make me realize that there are some reasonably sound thinkers out there in this community who will quietly rise to the challenge and make change happen.

That's what happened yesterday at the special election. I have, over time, become so soured because of the apathetic nature of the voters of my town, that I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt this time.

For that, I humbly ask for forgiveness and praise those who took the time to ensure that the Chief Mutt and his pack of wild dogs didn't have their way with who sits on the new Town Council.

There are now two fine men on that board who most certainly will not put up with Chief Mutt's bullshit and intimidation. It will be most interesting to watch.

Here's a thought... Maybe the voters are beginning to see a pattern here, one of an individual whose sole motive is the display of and misuse of power.

Just a thought. Time will tell.

26 June 2006

So, it starts again...

...and will end tomorrow with the election of two additional members of the new Town Council.

Well, as usual, that big mutt that calls himself the Chairman of the BoS and his pack of wild dogs are up to it again.

That moron is the one responsible for those unsightly signs, championing his "Igor"
in this tale of Merrimack's own Frankenstein story.

We all know that Chief Mutt isn't capable of original thought, and that he leads by intimidation due to his size and so neither will be his draft choice, Dwyer. There's another on who couldn't pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel.

But, because of all that publicity, the voters, which Chief Mutt has once bellowed, have spoken, will have a chance to do so again, voting not by using their brains to scruitinize the records of those running, but again bending to the will of a decided minority who bark the loudest.

The same self-serving clowns who ran this past election to put a select few on the Budget Commitee are again contriving ways to thoroughly screw over this town for their own personal gain, whatever that may be.

Rothhouse and Mahon, both superior candidates, will go unrewarded, as the election will go to Dwyer and an equally unqualified candidate, simply because of advertizing.

There's nothing new here, fools and their money will soon be parted because of product advertizing and so here will the power of marketing come to bear. We will get what the advertizers say we want.

Two unqualified candidates, minions of that Chief Mutt and his pack of wild dogs, will be elected to the new Town Council...

To put it bluntly... we're screwed, blewed and tatooed.

To all you voters who took the time to learn what the candidates are truly about and what benefit they can bring to that wounded council, thanks for trying.

To all you voters who only respond to the advertizements, go screw yourselves.

I said back in April and I say it again, that if I didn't have such a vested interest in this Town, I'd be sprucing up the place to sell and move the hell out.

08 June 2006

The best politicians money can buy...

How long is it going to be before the Americans who've been betrayed by
this administration throw those lying, conniving, money-grubbing
incumbent bastards out on their collective asses?

How long must we endure the world's scorn?

How many of us remember his bullshit rhetoric "I'm a uniter, not a
divider"?? Look at how accurate that description is now, even his
staunch allies are pulling away, rats leaving that shithead's sinking ship.

No, that shit-for-brains chimp isn't my president, I certainly didn't
vote for that beady-eyed bastard, and so that gives me the right to say
whatever I care to. My disdain for Bush stems from the simple fact that
he is intellectually incompetent to serve the American people in the
Office of President. He has done more over the past 6 years to damage
the integrity of the Oval Office than Clinton did when he had his knob
polished. And what lies were told that caused his impeachment? Only
that he didn't have relations with Lewinski. No one lost a life over
that. No mother's son was killed over that.

Why no impeachment? IMHO, it's the rank-and-file Re-pug-licans who would
follow their 'leader' into the Gates Of Hell, rather than stand up,
grow some balls and throw that worthless sack of shit and his cronies
out. Right now, there isn't an incumbent on either side of the aisle
that isn't puckered up over this coming November's election season.

We'll see what happens next November, maybe when the House and Senate
are in the hands of the Dems, not a whole lot better than the
Re-pug-licans, that we'll see some changes, and an impeachment.
Wouldn't that be grand?

Here's a good editorial strip by Jeff Danziger that puts a few things
into perspective...

Bush Pushing Estate Tax Elimination (More for the friggin' rich, eh?)

...and who said that a picture is worth a 1000 words?

04 June 2006

And will the moron in the Whitehouse admit to these atrocities??

For all the rhetoric spewed from that idiot's mouth...

12 May 2006

Worse than a lame duck...

That shithead in the Oval Office has once again demonstrated his arrogance and ignorance of the law. What else, but sheer ignorance of the law can explain his direction to collect phonecall records from the telecom industry?

And who knew that it was going on? How did USA Today learn of it? More leaks from that shithead's sinking ship? Hats off to Qwest for refusing, and not caving into the veiled threats made about potential contracts. What does that say about the other three?? Money-grubbing bastards at the helm of each, or is it something else? Maybe some illicit connection to the Re-pug-lican party big-wigs that they want to hide somehow?

Lastly, I want to thank those spineless party-line-following lemmings in the legislature for passing the most recent tax cut for the rich. Creating yet another deficit for our children to inherit.

What a bunch of losers.

And that's precisely what we should make them in this coming election. Sweep those self-serving bastards out of their cushy jobs and put some ethical people in their places.

Then, maybe, someone in Washington will impeach that shithead and throw him and all his worthless, self-serving, ass-kissing cronys out on their collective asses.

While the courts are at it, put Rove in jail too, for orchestrating the leak of a CIA operative. The relative subtelty with which that was done surely proves that it wasn't the work of President TweedleDumb.

02 May 2006

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth...

...in the GOP camp...

And I couldn't be happier. Seems that ShitForBrains in the Oval Office's approval rating is at it lowest, somewhere around 32% according to Gallup.

I have to hand it to those bastards, saying that "bush is not on the ballot" this fall and the Re-pug-licans shouldn't worry.

Too late, it seems, the fine record of graft and corruption, coupled with total, abject incompetence, have sealed the fate of politicians in general.

The Dems aren't much better, and their set of cojones are decidedly of smaller size that those of the Re-pugs. They're just as contemptuous.

If there ever was a time for clear-thinking, ethical men and women to take control of this country's government, put it back on track and restore the US to its once proud place in the world community, it is now. Incumbent has, in large part, become a dirty word, thanks to the governmental shenanigans of the recent herd of self-righteous, self-serving, self-centered "lawmakers". I am sick to death of their feeble attempts to legislate morality, their distain for the working stiffs and their arrogance. All this fueled by the almighty dollar and the Bible-thumping religious right.

This is America, where freedom is to reign supreme. But those closed-minded born-again Christians seem to think that *your* brand of faith isn't good enough, because it isn't *their* brand of faith. And the Re-pug-licans stand there and proclaim their faith and yet engage in unethical behavior, lie and cheat. Friggin' hypocrites.

But, there are a few, a very small percentage, who do live up to the task, who do represent the desires of their constituents and who deserve praise for not only doing the job that they were elected to perform, but do so in a manner that raises them up above the stench of the muck created by Bush and his cronys.

Enough for now.

11 April 2006

This town is totally screwed...

Well, I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so.

The whining SOBs got their way, the budget is now so woefully short of funds that peoples' jobs are at stake.

Worse, the same 4 yahoos who orchestrated the rape of the budget will be on the committee together, to wreak havoc again next year.

And more of the same shitheads will be on the BoS, to side with that arrogant ignoramus.

Now, let's see how well they do with "finding the fat" in that budget...

Hey, you three... there's $34000 for 4th of July! Let's have that back too... let's get that guy back for the firework display... you remember, the guy running back and forth waving
the red road flare?

How will they attempt to manage the town and its needs without funding.

It's almost a blessing that the two gentlemen who were running for Selectman didn't win.
At least now they don't have to be the 'bad guys' and deal with what was done to the budget.

These newly appointed villiage idiots deserve each other's company.

As far as the library's concerned, these morons, most of whom, I would bet, haven't been inside a library for a decade, have ensured that this town will never see a new, modern building.

They've seen to it to return the 2.8M$ that has been accumulated over many years to the taxpayers. What's next, people, a book burning? What do you need those for? You've proven to us that we don't need a library?

And so, because of your incessant whining and meddling, one of the Fall's events that brought so much activity to Wasserman Park is in jeopardy. What, prey tell, am I talking about??

The Library's Cardboard Boat Race. What's the incentive to keep this going, now that there's not a snowball's chance in Hell of a new building? If the library folks put this on regardless of the stunning and totally demoralizing outcome, I would be surprised.

This town is totally screwed.

And who's to blame? All those of you who didn't take the time to vote, that's who.

6000+ came out to exercize their civic duty, out of 16,000+ registered voters.

So, tell me, Mr./Mrs. 16000+_lazyass_voters, what's your friggin' excuse, 'coz' there's no reason that you can offer that will be acceptable. Dead or dying, that's the only reason.

Friggin' pathetic.

Probably more pathetic than the showing where the budget was screwed over during deliberative session.

But, there's an upside to even this offensive situation...

Turns out that Article#6 passed muster. The Town, as of 1-July, will have a new form of government, and guess what... that new form eliminates the budget committee...
I wonder if those shit-for-brains, tax-cutting, self-serving a$$#0!es realized that? Talk about lame ducks...

And, as usual, there's always a down-side to everything...
As of 1-July, there has to be yet another election to put two more people on the Town Council, the number get jacked up by two.

Now, what would you think their next move will be??

Starting the barking dogs again, getting the hand-picked few to incite more people with short-sighted rhetoric about how the town now needs their expertise?? What a load of fertilizer.

That story stinks more than the wastewater treatment plant in August.

I'd say that it would be fun to watch, but I'd be lying... a lot.