08 June 2006

The best politicians money can buy...

How long is it going to be before the Americans who've been betrayed by
this administration throw those lying, conniving, money-grubbing
incumbent bastards out on their collective asses?

How long must we endure the world's scorn?

How many of us remember his bullshit rhetoric "I'm a uniter, not a
divider"?? Look at how accurate that description is now, even his
staunch allies are pulling away, rats leaving that shithead's sinking ship.

No, that shit-for-brains chimp isn't my president, I certainly didn't
vote for that beady-eyed bastard, and so that gives me the right to say
whatever I care to. My disdain for Bush stems from the simple fact that
he is intellectually incompetent to serve the American people in the
Office of President. He has done more over the past 6 years to damage
the integrity of the Oval Office than Clinton did when he had his knob
polished. And what lies were told that caused his impeachment? Only
that he didn't have relations with Lewinski. No one lost a life over
that. No mother's son was killed over that.

Why no impeachment? IMHO, it's the rank-and-file Re-pug-licans who would
follow their 'leader' into the Gates Of Hell, rather than stand up,
grow some balls and throw that worthless sack of shit and his cronies
out. Right now, there isn't an incumbent on either side of the aisle
that isn't puckered up over this coming November's election season.

We'll see what happens next November, maybe when the House and Senate
are in the hands of the Dems, not a whole lot better than the
Re-pug-licans, that we'll see some changes, and an impeachment.
Wouldn't that be grand?

Here's a good editorial strip by Jeff Danziger that puts a few things
into perspective...

Bush Pushing Estate Tax Elimination (More for the friggin' rich, eh?)

...and who said that a picture is worth a 1000 words?


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