02 May 2006

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth...

...in the GOP camp...

And I couldn't be happier. Seems that ShitForBrains in the Oval Office's approval rating is at it lowest, somewhere around 32% according to Gallup.

I have to hand it to those bastards, saying that "bush is not on the ballot" this fall and the Re-pug-licans shouldn't worry.

Too late, it seems, the fine record of graft and corruption, coupled with total, abject incompetence, have sealed the fate of politicians in general.

The Dems aren't much better, and their set of cojones are decidedly of smaller size that those of the Re-pugs. They're just as contemptuous.

If there ever was a time for clear-thinking, ethical men and women to take control of this country's government, put it back on track and restore the US to its once proud place in the world community, it is now. Incumbent has, in large part, become a dirty word, thanks to the governmental shenanigans of the recent herd of self-righteous, self-serving, self-centered "lawmakers". I am sick to death of their feeble attempts to legislate morality, their distain for the working stiffs and their arrogance. All this fueled by the almighty dollar and the Bible-thumping religious right.

This is America, where freedom is to reign supreme. But those closed-minded born-again Christians seem to think that *your* brand of faith isn't good enough, because it isn't *their* brand of faith. And the Re-pug-licans stand there and proclaim their faith and yet engage in unethical behavior, lie and cheat. Friggin' hypocrites.

But, there are a few, a very small percentage, who do live up to the task, who do represent the desires of their constituents and who deserve praise for not only doing the job that they were elected to perform, but do so in a manner that raises them up above the stench of the muck created by Bush and his cronys.

Enough for now.


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