12 May 2006

Worse than a lame duck...

That shithead in the Oval Office has once again demonstrated his arrogance and ignorance of the law. What else, but sheer ignorance of the law can explain his direction to collect phonecall records from the telecom industry?

And who knew that it was going on? How did USA Today learn of it? More leaks from that shithead's sinking ship? Hats off to Qwest for refusing, and not caving into the veiled threats made about potential contracts. What does that say about the other three?? Money-grubbing bastards at the helm of each, or is it something else? Maybe some illicit connection to the Re-pug-lican party big-wigs that they want to hide somehow?

Lastly, I want to thank those spineless party-line-following lemmings in the legislature for passing the most recent tax cut for the rich. Creating yet another deficit for our children to inherit.

What a bunch of losers.

And that's precisely what we should make them in this coming election. Sweep those self-serving bastards out of their cushy jobs and put some ethical people in their places.

Then, maybe, someone in Washington will impeach that shithead and throw him and all his worthless, self-serving, ass-kissing cronys out on their collective asses.

While the courts are at it, put Rove in jail too, for orchestrating the leak of a CIA operative. The relative subtelty with which that was done surely proves that it wasn't the work of President TweedleDumb.


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