28 June 2006

Ok, I was wrong, and I apologize...

Good things do, in fact, come to those who exhibit patience. That's something that's taken me all my life thus far to become comfortable with.

But it's still a stretch for me to have to wait for these small gifts, the gifts that make me realize that there are some reasonably sound thinkers out there in this community who will quietly rise to the challenge and make change happen.

That's what happened yesterday at the special election. I have, over time, become so soured because of the apathetic nature of the voters of my town, that I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt this time.

For that, I humbly ask for forgiveness and praise those who took the time to ensure that the Chief Mutt and his pack of wild dogs didn't have their way with who sits on the new Town Council.

There are now two fine men on that board who most certainly will not put up with Chief Mutt's bullshit and intimidation. It will be most interesting to watch.

Here's a thought... Maybe the voters are beginning to see a pattern here, one of an individual whose sole motive is the display of and misuse of power.

Just a thought. Time will tell.


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