26 June 2006

So, it starts again...

...and will end tomorrow with the election of two additional members of the new Town Council.

Well, as usual, that big mutt that calls himself the Chairman of the BoS and his pack of wild dogs are up to it again.

That moron is the one responsible for those unsightly signs, championing his "Igor"
in this tale of Merrimack's own Frankenstein story.

We all know that Chief Mutt isn't capable of original thought, and that he leads by intimidation due to his size and so neither will be his draft choice, Dwyer. There's another on who couldn't pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel.

But, because of all that publicity, the voters, which Chief Mutt has once bellowed, have spoken, will have a chance to do so again, voting not by using their brains to scruitinize the records of those running, but again bending to the will of a decided minority who bark the loudest.

The same self-serving clowns who ran this past election to put a select few on the Budget Commitee are again contriving ways to thoroughly screw over this town for their own personal gain, whatever that may be.

Rothhouse and Mahon, both superior candidates, will go unrewarded, as the election will go to Dwyer and an equally unqualified candidate, simply because of advertizing.

There's nothing new here, fools and their money will soon be parted because of product advertizing and so here will the power of marketing come to bear. We will get what the advertizers say we want.

Two unqualified candidates, minions of that Chief Mutt and his pack of wild dogs, will be elected to the new Town Council...

To put it bluntly... we're screwed, blewed and tatooed.

To all you voters who took the time to learn what the candidates are truly about and what benefit they can bring to that wounded council, thanks for trying.

To all you voters who only respond to the advertizements, go screw yourselves.

I said back in April and I say it again, that if I didn't have such a vested interest in this Town, I'd be sprucing up the place to sell and move the hell out.


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