29 March 2006


Ok, maybe I am missing something here, but what's up with the will of the few overpowering the desires of the many??

Here's the story...

I come from a relatively small town in NH, were we have been crippled by something called Senate Bill2, which supposedly makes voting fair for those who can't make Deliberative Session, the new name for Town Meeting.

I've been a resident for almost 25 years and made the Town Meetings to ensure that my vote was counted. Where I came from originally in NJ, you had representatives to do your bidding, and I didn't realize the power of a vote until MY HAND was counted at that first Town Meeting I attended.

My wife and I would swap off on contested issues: one of us would go, call the other to be ready after posting our ballot, then hurry home to watch the kids. It was a pain in the ass, but we did it. We participated in our Town government in a fundamental way. WE participated, listened to arguments, pro and con, for an issue and then voted. What power. For the first time, I knew that my vote mattered.

Then came along the whiny yuppies who because of their lifestyle decided that voting in that manner was too much of a hassle, so there came SB2. Now what we have is fewer parties, mostly the self-serving who show up with their cronies, and generally screw things up for everyone.

This year, one of those "taxpayer" groups had a barking dog do their bidding at D/S, and put forth a proposal to cut the bottom line by 1.4Million. That means lost jobs and decreased services in the town, things that are too precious to merely dismiss because of political aspirations to become an elected official. What a crock of shit.

Add to that an existing BoS bozo who has all the intelligence of an empty bottle, barking alongside the other one, stirring up enough support from the 135 people who, according to this moron, speak "with the will of the people." What another crock of shit. 135 people out of 15,000 registered voters don't add up to a significant voice.

So here we have it, two barking dogs stirring up things such that some of the people I know working for the Town have jobs on the line. Some will tell you that the voters are just as informed as they used to be when we had Town Meeting, but I don't think so. If they don't take the time to attend Deliberative Session, what makes you belive that they would take the time to research what's been going on, what's been said, what's going to be on the ballot on their own time?

The majority of the voters who will be coming out to cast ballots this coming election won't have a clue as to the issues, fully understanding the ramifications of voting this way or that way. Uninformed voters, making half-assed guesses based on the self-serving individual's names on side-of-the-road posters, that's the way things get decided on now.